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Choosing the Right Length



Depending on your desired length, choose 4 inches plus extensions from your natural length. For example, if you natural hair length is around 18 inches, opt for 22 inches hair or longer.

Also remember, when you curl the hair, the final length will be a little shorter compared to when straight.

The length is measured from the ear, it is recommended that you measure your natural hair length before purchasing the hair extensions. 

Your own height will play a big factor in your decision about the length of your hair extensions.  When selecting a length what many individuals forget is how your height will impact the overall look of your hair extensions.  For example if you take 2 girls, one who is 5 foot 9 inches tall and the other is 4 foot 9 inches tall, and they both purchase 18 inches hair extensions, due to the height differences the 4 foot 9 inch girl will appear to have much longer hair extensions due to where they sit on her body in comparison to the taller girl, even though they have purchased the same length.



Choose hair extensions length which is either exactly the same or up to 2 inches longer than your natural length. If you have fine to medium hair, opt for 120 grams Clip-In Set, for thicker hair the 220 gram set will be a better option.

You can layer the extensions close to each other for extra volume. 



For a dramatic colour change, choosing more contrasting colours to your natural hair colour. For example, if you have naturally dark brown hair, choose Bright Maroon shade.

Subtle highlights are stunningly created by choosing 2 – 4 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour. For example, if you have naturally dark brown hair, choose natural black hair extensions or light brown, which is also a beautiful combination of warm hues.

This is the beauty of hair extensions, essentially you can build your extensions collection with different colours to mix up with your natural hair, creating different looks to compliment your outfit or your mood!