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Hair Extensions Types

Clip-In Sets

Kromé Clip-In Set are crafted with handpicked finest quality human hair, giving you healthy silky hair every day. Flawless design that offers comfortable fit that is secured and discreet.  You can easily style these hair extensions creating versatile looks with heated styling tools. Suitable for everyday and occasional wear.

Kromé Clip-In Set gives you the power to add volume, length or change hair colour instantly at the comfort of your home.


Single Clip Ins

You can add highlights to your natural hair in a matter of minutes with our revolutionary Single Clip In. Simply decide on where you want to place your highlight hair and clip in, it's as easy as that! No dyeing, no damage to your natural hair.

Create your look that is true to your identity.



Kromé Weft hair extensions are one of the semi-permanent options that are sewn by a skilled technician using a thread onto tiny hair plaits that are flat against the scalp in cornrows. Once the wefts are fitted in the stylists can cut and style the extensions how you like. The hair has a natural flow with silky, tangle-free texture. Professional application and removal is required.

Kromé Weft is always thick hair from top to bottom and double stitched for extra durability.


Pre-bonded Tips

The Tips come in small bundle of hair called strands. Each strand has a small tip which is tipped with exclusive Italian Keratin, unlike other brands Kromé Tips will not go sticky, shed or break down during the life of the extensions. Each strand is attached with your natural hair strand by strand by a skilled professional. Professional application and removal is required.

Hair extensions application is an art that is skilfully carried out to create customised look.